SAMPLES: Cherie & Brian's Hard Rock Wedding

This was a great wedding to photograph. Sure, there was pressure in shooting a bridal shop owner's wedding (Lilys Bridal of Orlando) but in the end, I think it was a great day had by all, me included.

This first shot on the staircase was one that Cherie really wanted and I think we did her vision justice. I have also been looking for a chance to do a classic bridal portrait like this so fate met opportunity and this is was the product. The rest of the day produced some really nice images as well. In particular, I love the detail shots, of which there are many at Cherie's request.

I also think the ring shot I did for Cherie & Brian is one of my best, if not the best I have done to date.

Thanks to Laurie of Bliss Weddings and Events for her help, wonderful design, and especially for hand holding my flash (and also getting it off the table where I left it) for the ring shot.

The front lawn of the Hard Rock Hotel was wonderful to shoot on, as was the rest of the hotel's grounds. Very different feel to this place than many other local resorts.This was just a grab shot of Brian as he was waiting to move to the front lawn for our post-ceremony shoot.
Again, a grab shot of sorts. I don't think Cherie was doing this on purpose other than to get her dress fanned out. I like the movement and shapes in this shot.

There were many wonderful details in this wedding like these towering center-pieces.

The reception room was a challenge to light because of all the high center-pieces but I like the end results. Ah, the ring shot.