FAQ: My style

One of the most asked questions at my consultations is about my style. "Are you photo journalistic or traditional." Of course most of the time my couples already know the answer somewhat but it's still on the list of questions to ask so they ask. This image is a perfect example of how I answer that question. My answer is this; I am neither. I embrace both. As a great photographer once said "I am the 'vs' in the photo journalism vs traditional debate." My background in fashion and interest in great light, perfect locations and eliciting emotion dictates that I don't leave everything to chance. 

This shot is a perfect example of that. Donna and the girls wanted to do a shot by the water. I could have just stood there, taking shots as they walked down towards the water and not interfered at all. That's what it looks like happened but not quite. Sure, I DID just stand there and shoot while they walked down to the water but what isn't evident is that they were walking towards a spot I picked, to stand facing a direction I chose and with a bit of direction about how Donna should hold her dress, etc. The idea was that I directed the scene, put the actors (insert: bridal party) on the set the way that would be most flattering to them and the overall image and then began shooting before, during and after the "shot" we intended to shoot. The result? The best shot was actually made before they were ready. Sure, I set up the shot but in the end, it was about capturing Donna and her girls being themselves (thank you for so much of that Donna :), something that probably didn't happen nearly as much 20 seconds later when they were just standing near the water.
The morale to this story is that yes, I will occasionally direct the action to a great location, into some great light (that either exists or that I provide) but in the end, I look to capture the best moment, whether that be when I planned it to be or not. In that way I am both a photo journalist AND a traditional-ish photographer (just don't ever use the word traditional...hardly :)