SAMPLES: Russia Trip

St. Petersburg, Russia is a fantastic city. I recently traveled there with my wife to photograph Team USA's journey to the Martial Arts Olympics. These are a few sites we saw. If you want to see more, including some shots of the competition, go to which, for the time being, is all Russia, all the time :)

Us in Peter & Paul's Fortress. We got to go in the Cathedral and see the 2nd of two Russian Orthodox services we'd seen that day. Awe inspiring for sure!

Romantic stroll on the "Spit" across the bridge, near the fortress.

Yes, they have weddings in St. Petersburg... LOTS of them. We saw no less than 10 weddings either taking place here on Saturday or just gathering for photos. More limos were arriving as we left! Some of the dresses were utterly stunning.

St. Issac Cathedral

Nerissa (Wife) just standing in a really cool place :)
Church of our Savior on the Blood. I have never been more impressed by a building.

View of some of the skyline of St. Petersburg. The Admiralty (gold spire) and St. Issac (gold dome) are visible in the background.

Another wedding. Different place.

Inside St. Issac's Cathedral.
I had the camera turned on me... what to do... of course, shoot back!

Inside the Hermitage State Museum, one of the world's largest museums.

The Palace Square and Alexander Column. The Hermitage is in the background.

The Bronze Horseman (of Peter). This is St. Petersburg's Statue of Liberty. Must see.

St. Petersburg boasts more bridges than any city in the world. Dunno if that's true but there are tons of cool little canals.