As many of you know, I have featured Asukabooks as my primary album/book in my packages for the past year-and-a-half or so. This past week, they validated everything I thought about them in terms of customer service and attention to detail. From day one I was blown away by how much they really pay attention to what I send them to print, calling me on anything that looks like it, in any way, could be a mistake. You can't imagine how nice it is to have a company care so much who could otherwise just take my files and print away, never even giving it a second thought. Most online based book printers do just that. For Asuka this attention is the normal level of service, and until about a month ago, it had never failed. Then, due to some freak occurrences on my end and possibly theirs, I received two book orders in a row with "issues". Clearly, they were well within their rights to say that both things were my fault since they were visible in the final PDF that I review before final approval, but they didn't do that. They took partial responsibility for one and full responsibility for the other even though there was clearly blame to go around. Katie, a service manager (maybe the only one) for Asukabook could not have been nicer. She did her due diligence and asked me to send pictures of the issues and in the end, took a leap of faith that this was a (well two) isolated incident and credited me to get both books reprinted, one at significant cost to them. I just wanted to tell this story not to expose my errors, or theirs, but really to illustrate something that I believe in 100%; treat your customers with care and they will repay you ten-fold in good will. I try to do that with all my couples and I love that my vendors believe the same thing. Thank you Asukabooks.