Mini-sites and a GREAT offer!

Hey ya'll. First of all, hope everyone is going to have a great turkey-day. I just wanted to let you know about, or remind you that some things are very different in my new "mini-sites" that each of you now get with your wedding photo package. These mini-sites are personal, private and very cool. They give you your own URL to send people to and you get to bypass my main site, not that you'd want to :) One other really cool thing about these sites is that you now have the ability to create a "log-in" for the mini-site and save a set of favs and order prints.

To promote these new features, effective immediately, I will be offering every existing or future couple the chance to earn credit towards ordering prints for themselves. During the first 90 days your mini-site is online, every $100 in orders will earn the bride and groom $30 in print credits. If your site is already online, I will start counting that 90 days from today.

Obviously, you (the bride and groom) can order prints for yourselves and just get that $30 off but I really want to encourage your friends and family to take advantage of this opportunity to not only get some great keepsake prints for themselves, but also to help you earn credits you can use to get the little "extras" (or big 20x30 canvas print) you want for yourselves. If you want any info on this program, just drop me an email at