Location: Dubsdread Golf Club, Orlando, Florida.

"We just wanted to drop a note and tell you how happy we were with you as our photographer. Some of those I just can't get over! We had friends tell us how you were "diving" all over the place and sliding around the floors to get the shot. We really appreciate your energy, level of commitment and the quality of the shots. I'll be recommending you all over the place!"


Thank you guys! The hidden gem of that comment is that your friends told you about the "diving" to get the shot (I don't know how much diving I did but surely there was some floor time :). I love it that most of the time my couples don't even notice the lengths I go to make sure I get the best shots for them. It's all about balancing those kinds of things with makeing sure your day/night isn't disrupted becase at the end of the day, your actual memories are more important than the pictures I get of them and I would hate for those memories be of me taking over your wedding.

I had a fantastic time shooting this wedding and there are some of your shots I can't get over too!