Big Oops, Funny Story.

Ok, so I get a call from one of my fav planners, Laurie (, and she says she has a question for me... sorta. She said a client of hers is thinking of using me as her photographer but is concerned that I am possibly "goth" or "dark" in some way. Of course, knowing me, and knowing that I am fairly far from dark or gothic, Laurie was perplexed. The bride goes on to say they are concerned because the music on my website sounded a bit dark/gothic to them and being Christians, they just wanted to make sure I was "ok". And now... the rest of the story...

My niece and son, both 8, were playing around in Garageband on my Mac (you know where this is going, don't you). They wrote what they believed to be the single most important piece of music the world has ever known (in their kid-minds anyway...and who was I do disagree) using all the "cool" and "dramatic" sound samples they could find. They were so proud, and like any proud parent would do, I wanted them to know I loved it so... you guessed it... two 8 year old's got to have their song be the music for my website, at least for a few minutes. That made their day...Now the oops part; I forgot to take it down, and it's been gracing the pages of my website for the better part of a month.

SO, to all those who may have been curious, scared, amused or just plain put off by my website music, please accept my apologies. I never have ANY music on my site and, well, lets just say that while I love their composition as evidence of musical genius, it's not quite right for my site :)