Kanika+Jason Wedding
















As strange as is sounds, and I'm not too proud to admit, Kanika and Jason's wedding was my first of 2009! The rest of the year is slammin' so no worries. I could not think of a better way to kick off the year than wihh this couple only booked with me a week-ish ago. The last minute booking was more a case of cold feet by Kanika who thought she was comfortable using an intern provided by her officiant but in the end decided (according to her after seeing my work) :) to look into booking a photographer. The rest is spectacular history. They didn't need me for their reception, just coverage of the ceremony and some fun portraits afterward.  Working with them was really as perfect as it ever gets. Both were comfortable in front of the camera and ready, willing and able to go for it as we wandered the acres of the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida. After their small ceremony in the Tropical Courtyard, we headed over to the Heritage Village next door to shoot in and around some fantastic buildings, not to mention the purple bus we happened to find in the parking lot. It was a beautiful, sometimes surreal day that may have produced some of my favorite wedding images ever. I probably could not get models to look as amazing in these pictures, and that's a testament as much to the beauty of the couple as it is their love for each other. Kanika and Jason helped remind me just how much making fantastic wedding images is a collaboration between me and my couples. I can produce good, even great images on my own but the kind of trust and effort put forth by Kanika and Jason went a long way towards the wonderful end result.