So You Think You Can...





As I said, your response to my open call for brial ideas has been fantastic. Alyson was one of the first to respond and her idea was fantastic. She is a trained dancer and wanted to incorporate that into a shoot. She had seen a shot done on the Brooklyn Bridge of a girl leaping with a parasol. She wanted to do it but in her wedding dress. Who am I to say no :) I think the results speak for themselves. Great idea, brave girl to risk dress and stress in the heat of the morning to get these shots. Trust me, she worked for them. I hope you enjoy! There are more but I don't want to take too much time out from processing weddings. I'll post some more in a bit.

So as I posted before, and have proven I am serious about by doing the first shoot 12 days after posting my "open call", send me your ideas ( and if they're good/different/interesting enough I will work with you to get your idea done (assuming like Alyson, you're ready to shoot now).

I also need to give special thanks to Alyson who gave me permission to show these shots even though her wedding date is later in the year.