Major Announcment!

I wanted to announce a total revamping of my web presence, especially where it concerns client image viewing. I have partnered up with a company that specializes in providing fast, high-quality viewing of images, as well as featuring a complete shopping cart solution. This is semi-old news to some of you since I have been testing this for a couple weeks now. What does that mean to you?

- Your client gallery will now load MUCH faster and the images will look MUCH better/bigger. - You can view your images full-screen, either one at a time or as a slide show. - Facebook and Twitter are directly supported so you can tweet or post single images, your gallery link or even a full slide show with a click of the mouse in your gallery. - To make things easy for you and your guests I will make personalized cards for distribution at your reception that will point the way directly to your gallery. - You can create collections of your fav images.

In related news, I am working on a reward program that will send print credits your way whenever your guests/family places a product order. It will act as incentive for them and best of all be a great way for you to get prints free!