Fun with Wifey!!!

So here's the story. My wife NEVER lets me take pictures of her, or at least not in any formal sense. We've been married 12 years and this is only the 2nd time I can remember that she's let me do the "full treatment" for her, bringing out the lights, going to a good location, etc. Truth be told, I really wanted to take advantage of some great light (notice I didn't say weather... it was FREEZING) and had an idea I wanted to try. It was all an excuse to get her in front of my camera... and it worked :) Hey, when you have a beautiful wife and you're a photographer, it's almost a crime not to take advantage of the situation. Anyway, I really love these shots, and not just because it's my wife, but because especially the one at the end of the pier is an idea I've always wanted to do.