In Passing...

Friday, October 5th, 2012 my run of good fortune ended. Up to this point in life I had not been seriously touched by death. I'd only attended one funeral in my life and that was for a co-worker I didn't even know that well but attended out of respect. On this early fall day though my father passed after several months of fighting various ailments. Eventually he succumbed to a broken hip and general weakness brought on by his one remaining kidney beginning to fail. His passing was peaceful, happening as he slept, hours after we moved him to hospice. The miracle of it all was that he managed one more bout of consciousness while I visited him that morning before moving him to hospice  I was able to speak to him for a bit and while most of what he said didn't make sense, I got a few more smiles and know how lucky I was to have those moments.

This ordeal has certainly taken a toll on me personally but also it's impacted my business since I devoted more and more of my time to family. Thank you for your patience while I get back on track and get all my various projects going again.

Sincerely, Robert N. McClory Jr.