Not only are Jillian and Vince my latest booking but they have an AWESOME proposal story!

Their original YouTube video of this proposal went viral with over 500,000 views and has gotten world-wide attention. I was worried they wouldn't want me promoting it more but Jillian said "go for it" so I had to share. I love proposal stories in general but it isn't too often you get one so well captured :) I love the added commentary/interview from CNN.

Thanks for being so creative Vince! I can't wait to meet you both (they booked from Alabama for their Orlando area wedding).

Client Gallery Password

In the past it was good enough to have my galleries "by link only" for security but changes in the structure of my hosting site necessitate a change. I am now instituting a password for all galleries. If you need that password, just email me at and I'll send it to you. Thanks! Robert