Getting a little bumpy!

Ok, It's been a LONG time coming but finally one of my brides got preggo and remembered to call me :) Hmmm, that didn't sound quite right. Anyway, Liz and Nathan have been hard at work and are about to receive the fruits of their labors. Liz, along with Heather, her partner in crime and another bride of mine, had been playing with some Maternity pics on their own. They are photographers themselves so that makes sense. Welp, they wanted to ask a technical question and one thing led to another... and these pics are the result. They were all shot in my home studio, something I plan on doing a LOT more of. If you like what you see, and you find yourself rewarded with good baby news, give me a shout and we can set up a session to document the before (see above) and after (see you back here in a few weeks for newborn pics of baby Bailey... yes they picked a name for her already). Until then, hope you enjoy!