Here's my story...

I'm a very successful American wedding photographer (Click Here to see my work) married to a Brit who hasn't been home in over 14 years. We COULD just pack up the kids and travel to England but since I'm a busy wedding photographer who usually works through the prime vacation months, it's tough for me to get the time off. 

That's when it hit me... I could book a wedding in the London area and that would give me the excuse to cross the pond. Oh, and I LOVE England and it would be spectacular to get to shoot a wedding there!

My schedule is lightest in the Summer months so that's when I'm trying to book a wedding in England. 

I would love to offer you an amazing deal and basically cover your entire wedding day from start to finish for the standard price I charge in the US, or around £950, no travel fees or anything extra at all. That will get you all-day coverage, fully edited files and online proofing/file downloading.

Of course if you want to add prints, extra sessions, albums, etc, I'd be glad to discuss that as well. 

I have Skype and would love to chat with you if you're interested.