This page will be simple; It's vendors I've worked with many times or sometimes even once but they left an impression on me as someone who will go above and beyond for their clients. This page will grow over time. I will also try to say WHY I recommend them. You won't usually see "plays good music" or "the food is good" because honestly, I rarely work with people in this business who aren't competent. I pay attention to the intangibles. 

Oh, and I have no idea where these people fall on the price scale. I'd say that if they are a little more expensive, it's worth it and if they are less expensive, you're getting a bargain.

Hope this helps. If you know I know who you are and you aren't here... please lemme know :)

In no particular order...


Hastings Ranch & Farm -

This is a AMAZING new rustic venue for those who want something more personal. Debbie and George are some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet and they are dedicated to providing couples with ultimate ranch wedding. With several different ceremony spots, including a beach (yes, you heard me, a beach), indoor & outdoor reception spaces and many included details like custom-made pews, reception tables, bar, wine barrels, etc. you would be hard pressed to find a better place for a country wedding. All that and it's only a few miles from the Lake Nona area. 

Dubsdread -

I can't say enough about this great country club venue. Really it's their people that elevate this place above other similar venues. They are one of the most amazing, top-to-bottom staff in the industry to work with. They treat you as a client and me as a vendor as well as could possibly be expected... and then some. 


The Sophisticated Daisy -

Karyn is the kind of florist that goes way beyond delivering flowers. She takes the time to make sure things are "just right" for your wedding. I've seen her moving tables, running forgotten items to a different location, to even jumping in and doing "planner" duties for a couple when she saw the need. I can't say she'd always do this but it's her nature and that's good enough for me.


Puff-n-Stuff -

Perennially rated as one of the best caterers in town. I've worked with these guys countless times and every time they are fantastic. They "get it" in terms of what's important beyond just making amazing food (and they certainly do that too). 


Soundwave -

I've worked with the husband and wife team of Les and Wendy countless times over the years and every time it's a pleasure. They are pros but beyond that, they seem to love what they do. 

Rhythm Of The Night Entertainment -

Michael and his wife Yolanda are another amazing team that works tirelessly to ensure everything is "just right" at each event they do.