Robert McClory - Lead Photographer

My approach to photography is simple: I believe there is beauty in all people, visual power in the connections between people and that photography has the ability better than all other mediums to illustrate, then preserve that beauty and power.

Among a few things I'm sure I forgot about, I have been at one time or another: A husband, father, son, student, punk rocker, soccer player, martial artist, event photographer, sports writer, poet, fashion photographer, sports photographer, avid reader, avid audiobook listener, skateboarder, surfer, pool player, rower, video game tester and trombone player. I have done a lot in my life and am grateful for it but nothing I've done comes close to the constant exhilaration I get from producing amazing photography for myself and my clients as well as the amazing people I get to meet along the way.

Chris Honour - Associate Photographer

Chris came to me nearly a decade ago and asked if he could shadow me to learn more about wedding photography. I have had people ask to do that in the past and since but Chris was the first and basically the last person I said yes to and it's resulted in a long working relationship and friendship. Chris shares my passion for weddings and all the amazing possibilities that go along with documenting them. Whether shooting on his own or as my 2nd photographer, he's able to blend in, capture the important moments and produce amazing work. We have worked dozens of weddings together and do so effortlessly since I quite literally taught him from the ground up. Since then he's gone on to book many weddings a year on his own as well as shooting with me. In March of 2016 we decided it was time to make things more official so Chris came on as my full-time 2nd shooter and Associate Photographer.