Above: ©1997 Robert McClory - 4x5 Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg film transfer.

I see a lot of "style" in wedding photography these days, and that's a GREAT thing as far as I'm concerned. I "grew up" in photography as a fashion photographer who had dreams of producing cutting edge, funky, artistic fashion pictures all my life. I worked with just my camera and lights to create memorable images (as opposed to all the tools we use now on the computer) and loved every minute of it. Then I encountered the REAL fashion industry (read: didn't like the people too much) and a career in sports and now wedding photography was born :)

The reality is that wedding photography is quickly becoming THE place to see cutting edge work being done. The difference is that we, as wedding photographers, usually don't have a support team and a full day to execute one or two ideas. We have to create, innovate and react in an instant, not only to document all those fantastic moments that happen at your wedding, but to document them with style and flair. Then, when we get the chance to experiment, to more directly impart our vision on the canvas of your wedding, we have a chance to really create signature images that, with any luck at all, will be the emotional catalyst to your wedding memories. When it's done right, the results are nothing short of electric.

Add to that magical mix the tools we photographers now have at our disposal in post-production to add even more beauty, refinement and yes, the occasional funk to your images, and you have a recipe for fine art of the highest caliber.

That's why I absolutly love wedding photography. I get to produce fine art, cutting edge, elegant, simple and funk-tastic images every weekend (or so). As an artist, what could be better than that!