Baldwin Park Engagement Session with Heather & Jon

One of the things I love about my job is working through the natural anxiety that nearly ALL people have, especially for engagement sessions. While it's not fair to generalize, I'll do it anyway; usually the guys have more anxiety or at least apprehension than the girls mostly due to the unknown. Yes, my brides have anxiety and nerves but those are usually tempered by excitement :) In this case, Jon didn't really know what to expect both from the experience and me personally. As usual, I had talked to Heather before but Jon was walking in blind so-to-speak. I remember him saying just after we met to start the session "Just tell me what you want me to do and I'll try to do it." Well, I think modesty overtook him because while an amazingly beautiful Heather was inspiring to both of us, Jon was a rock star from the beginning, seeming to just ease into the session right along with Heather. After a few jokes and some light direction, Heather and Jon were easily displaying the love they so clearly have for each other and that's what I LOVE to portray in the images from an Engagement Session. Heather's laugh was spectacular & endearing and Jon was able to match her with a great, natural smile. Mix in a beautiful location, including the bridge where Jon proposed and you get some incredible, meaningful images of a couple whose wedding I can't want for!

Chance's Senior Portraits

I love doing senior portraits. Usually those who make their way to me are looking for something different, more unique than what they'd get from their school's photographers. Chance was no different. He wanted to do shots with his 1943 Plymouth and since he rows crew, he wanted to do some pictures in a boat. We ended up doing the session in two parts so we could devote enough time and effort the two very different types of shoots.