SAMPLES: Christine & George E-Shoot

I recently did an engagement shoot for Christine and George who are getting married on January 18th in Orlando. Christine picked a wonderful spot near where she works and other than a fisherman who decided to walk through the background of a lot of our shots, everything went great. There was no wind so I was able to take the soft-box light out and I think it really worked well. I can't always do this since it's not very portable and susceptible to blowing over if there is much wind at all.

This was a rare time when I shot a lot of color at an engagement shoot. Normally I do mostly, if not all black & white but I just thought the environment and the lighting looked better in color. We may decide to convert to B&W later on, which is a nice thing about digital.

This is probably my favorite shot from this shoot. We were walking back towards our cars, pretty much finished for the day when I spotted this patch of saw-grass sprouting from a gully. We were walking on a raised area of grass and I thought it may be fun to shoot through the grass, creating a more "intimate" feel, as if we are looking in on two lovers sharing a moment together (yea, other than the weird looking guy with all the cameras running through the mud and that big light on a stand next to was a very intimate, personal moment).

I think it worked out just about how I envisioned it.

Usually, as I shoot the more "traditional" things at a wedding, portrait or engagement shoot, I am constantly looking around trying to see the unusual, or dramatic in every setting. Most of the time this eye for the "different" results in my best work.

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