SAMPLES: Adia & D E-Shoot

Well, if the umbrella wasn't a dead give-away, it rained the day I shot Adia & D's engagement photos. I'll consider myself lucky that I only lost my shoot-through umbrella (for my flash, not the rain) to the wind and rain. Driving to Lake Eola, I thought there was no way we'd get to shoot anything due to what looked like armageddon forming directly over the lake but since this wonderful couple was traveling from Titusville, we figured we'd give it a go. Departing from the usual Panera meeting point we started out on some nearby benches, had my lightstand blow over twice in the strong winds swirling around us. Of course, I was planning to finally get my "couple kissing under an umbrella" shot but never really thought I'd have to do it in a hurricane. Ok, it wasn't that bad but I did have to shoot with a Publix bag over my camera, backing down the sidewalk dodging poles, people and huge raindrops.
In the end, we managed to find some covered places to shoot and the outside patio area of Panera provided it's usual European feel.
Adia and D will be getting married on August 25th in New Smyrna Beach.