SAMPLES: Switzerland!!!

(yep, that's us...and this is likely the only time you'll see MY face here :-)

After getting a jump on the season with Adia & D and Natasha & Loren, I took some time off to go with my beautiful wife of 10 years, Nerissa, on a much needed vacation to Switzerland. I won't go into detail since the images speak for themselves but suffice it to say each and every moment was near perfection. I would HIGHLY recommend Switzerland to anyone looking to be astounded every waking moment. We had the time of our lives and I was breathless not only from the beauty of this land, but the beauty I brought with me from home (here's to having a spectacular wife :) Getting to spend time with her, celebrating 10 years of friends and lovers in this place that so passionately celebrates life was perfect.

Here is a link to my Switzerland Gallery you'd like to view more.