SAMPLES: Leigh & Nick E-Shoot

Yep, it's that busy time of year and I managed to get two E-Shoots done in a week and they were each great fun. Leigh and Nick finally decided on having their session at the Bok Tower in Lake Wales. I thought I had been there before but like Cypress Grove Park, I discovered a great NEW place to shoot thanks to Leigh and Nick. This is truly one of the best locations I have seen in Florida and we had a blast shooting there. I think we managed to move to more spots in one session that I ever have before and Leigh & Nick never showed any signs of slowing down...until we got chased out of the park by the "ranger" in his golf cart of doom. Guess when they say closing at 6:00pm, they really mean it.
Though there was a lot of rushing around, we did manage to use most every angle to produce some pretty nice images.