SAMPLES: Alisha & Chris Wedding

Wow have I been a terrible blogger lately. I suppose that's a product of being very busy thanks to all my wonderful couples who made my September/October my busiest two month period to date.

Anyway, enough with the excuses and on with the story and images... To say Alisha and rain don't get along would be an understatement. You know the day is not going as planned when the bride calls you out on the porch for a "I need your opinion" talk almost ready to break down. Long story short, Alisha and Chris had been planning to have an outdoor ceremony at the beautiful Buena Vista Palace resort and the weather didn't cooperate. It happens in Florida but that didn't mean this bride had to like it. In the end, with some great support from Chris, Alisha made some hard choices, moved her outdoor ceremony indoors and managed to make a spectacular day out of it. I applaud Alisha and Chris for not letting a change in plans dampen their day. Here are some of the best from their wedding.