FAQ: Booking Your Date

While it's a good problem for me to have (being in high demand) it's not such a great problem for some of my prospective clients. What I am referring to is how many inquiries I am getting for the same dates this year. It's happened in the past but at this point I have several email inquiries for many of the prime dates later in the year (and even some for next year), many more than ever before.
If you've met with me, or I've worked with you in the past, you know I rarely ever play the "book now or lose your date" card because I somehow feel it may be perceived as used car salesmen-ish but the fact is that many of those dates are going quickly and 2009 is already starting to get rolling as far as bookings. 
So, as mildly as I can put it, if you intend to book but for some reason are waiting, please let me know and I will do what I can to give you first right of refusal. 
For the record, my policy is first come, first serve and that applies to couples I have had a consultation with then email only after that.
I wish I could work with each and every couple that wants me to be their photographer but anymore that is not possible.