I am in the process of re-evaluating my online proofing solution based on the availability of many new options (I have been using the same company for 4+ years) and some suggestions from you all. While things will likely not change that much for existing galleries, any new galleries uploaded (that means you if yours are not online) will be hosted wherever I decide to host them. I apologize for the delay if you're waiting for your online proofs.

Also related to this change is a shift in overall policy regarding online proofing. Your online proofing gallery will now be smaller, more of a "greatest hits" to make for faster loading and browsing. This is a direct response to several past clients who liked having all their files online but found it slow going to find specific images or groups of images. For those looking for a full upload of their wedding, I will be creating a separate product/solution for that. I will be happy to address this on an individual basis if you have questions.