Amy+Michael Wedding

The answer is... yes, I do jumping shots when asked. Honestly, we kinda came to the idea with the help of one of the groomsmen. Hey, don't knock it if it works :)

I love details during the pre-ceremony. Lips, eyes, eye lashes, finger nails, etc. They're all fair game and usually result in some pretty nice images. Amy's lips are a great example!

How perfect was this mug.

Joy? I think so... or was that pain :) Even if it was pain, it soon turned to joy...

Amy's brother played a beautiful song during a private communion Amy and Michael shared.

No, 212 doesn't have any significance to them... well, it didn't until now. Play the lotto kids!!!

Killroy(s) was here.

Who can pass up a round of mini-golf in a wedding dress. Who knew that once we got on the course Amy would get all serious on us.

This beautiful cake was decorated by one of the bridesmaid's mother.

You go girl!

There needs to be a whole lot more of this at weddings. Bring back the smearing and glaring ;)

We ended the night with a stroll and shoot on the lit up streets of historic St. Augustine.