Krista+Josh E-Shoot







So I suppose you can file this E-shoot as successful despite some initial setbacks... like Krista and Josh getting pulled over by WPD for allegedly speeding. I felt terrible because they were rushing to get to our shoot from Tampa and, well, the ole' cop-in-the-bushes trap got 'em. I give them tons of credit for overcoming that and really allowing their love to shine through.

On an unrelated note, while I was waiting for them I saw a lady (possibly old-ish... very white hair but I shy away from naming names :) try to parallel park her loaner Mercades and something must have happened because she guned it and slamed her rear end full-force into a new looking convertible BMW 7-series. Ouch. To make things worse, she decided to just drive off. Luckily there was a valet and about 20 other people who got her tag number. The strangest thing about it... we walked by the car and there seemed to be no damage what-so-ever. Either there were nearly identical black 7-series BMWs parked in the exact same place or they are indestructible.