Sincere Thanks Due... So, Thank You Kristin!


(yes, she did indeed get into a bath tub, on her wedding day, in her actual wedding dress!!!)

I am going to take a break from all the shameless self promotion and do something I should have done a long time ago. While I am truly blessed to have several evangalist brides out there, singing my praises wherever they can, one has continued to deliver friends, co-workers and just about anyone else who will listen to my doorstep. Since I did her wedding on April 29, 2006 Kristin has sent more referrals my way than I can count, and I am serious about that. I know I have done at least 3 weddings directly as a result of her and I am positive I am forgetting a few. That's as much a testament to my horrible memory as it is Kristin's unwavering support of what I have been doing over the years.

Having just met with the most recent of  "Kristin's Girls" that is interested in booking my services, and having spent some time reminiscing about her wedding, I thought it was appropriate to publicly thank her for all she's done for me and my business. It's brides like her, and really most of my brides who go so far above and beyond to send their friends and family my way that is the life-blood of what I do. I take it as the highest form of compliment that you would personally recommend me to your people.

So, thanks to Kristin and all the rest of you for helping me continue to deliver what I hope is the highest possible level of service I can to the ones you love.