March/April/May/June 2010

Just an FYI for all you looking to possibly book me for early next year. I am seeing record numbers of early inquiries and bookings for 2010, some as late as November and December but mostly for the first few months. Unlike this year that was pretty slow early and slammed late, with a ton of last-minute bookings, it looks like 2010 will be solid all year long and booked 8-12 months in advance. If you want to secure a date in March, April, May or June, keep in mind that many Saturdays in those months have multiple couples interested in them. If you are close to making a decision, or have decided to book but for some reason (waiting for funds, etc) let me know and I will make sure to let you know if someone is close to booking ahead of you. Otherwise, don't wait. As always, I don't play favorites. I book on a first come, first served basis. Get your date secured and let "book a wedding photographer" be taken off your to-do list.