Danielle+Andrew Wedding

A note about this wedding... I have to say this was one of the hardest weddings I've ever had to cover and for the worst reason. I have no idea how she found the strength but one couple days before the wedding Danielle's father was killed in a boating accident. After what I have to imagine was a lot of soul searching and discussion, Danielle, Andrew and the families decided to carry on with the planned wedding, Danielle's brothers taking the place of their father walking her down the aisle. The courage she and her family displayed was nothing short of amazing and Andrew was such a supportive man through it all. I can only hope that their marriage continues as a testament to their perseverance and faith.

Alessandra+Michael's Beach Wedding

... 3 Hours Earlier...

I almost never add words to my blog posts because I believe the images should be able to tell the story. This is an exception because I believe what happened, and the reaction to it, at Alessandra and Michael's wedding serves as the ultimate "stuff happens but that can become the great story" example.

This was a beach wedding. It was windy and because we were running late, the tide decided not to cooperate. Right in the middle of the vows a particularly large wave broke and washed ashore... and onto the feet/dresses/pants of the wedding party and most of the front row.

Quick action from the mother of the groom saved Alessandra's dress from getting too wet and with wet feet, the wedding continued. Moments later a strong gust of wind kicked up and ripped the posts holding the alter decorations out of the ground. Again, guests, guitar players and family members jumped in to save the day.

Through all that, not to mention messed up hair from the wind, Alessandra never lost her beautiful smile. Michael never lost focus on his bride and their wedding will go down as one of the best I have ever attended.

It goes go to show that you can only plan for so much and then you just have to hope/pray for the best... and make the best out of what actually happens. If you do that, what you end up with is a more perfect day than you'd even planned for.