SAMPLES: Marnie & Scott's Wedding

Ok, this is what I saw when I first walked up to the venue...more later...don't worry, I assure you all's well that ends well no matter the, well, ominous beginnings.

Oh, and it gets better. See that red circle? That's the door to the bride's dressing room. That air-conditioner on the guessed it, the one supplying Marnie's room. The yellow door (the stairs from which were almost completely blocked by debris from the fallen tree) is where Marnie was to enter the ceremony area from...which of course was the area I was standing in to take this picture. Much more later.

Alas, everything did get sorted out and preparation began, smiles were seen and although the door to the room had to stay open, it wasn't even too bad without air conditioning. In fact...
The door provided some great light and really added something to a room that was a bit spartan. This was one of those weddings where things happened for a reason and I think while trees almost taking out the wedding planner/bridal room and high winds threatening to blow away the entire ceremony site seem like bad things, in the end, I think they just added some drama that Marnie and Scott took in stride better than any couple I have seen facing these kind of things. Kudos to them.
The rest of the day went well, albeit a bit behind but considering the obstacles they faced early in the day, the delay was understandable and not really an issue.
One of the more interesting moments came when Marnie was to make her entrance through that door with the yellow circle and there was a few large branches and much debris blocking the way. Between Jennifer (of Magnoila Solutions Weddings and Events) and I, we managed to get the path cleared and the show went on. I have to admit that while I would love to chalk up my efforts entirely to chivalry, I did have a selfish motive too...

This path was much better to shoot than the alternative (them walking out of the door with the red circle).
Here are a couple more shots from the rest of the day. Marnie & Scott both prefer black and white so you will see more of that in this wedding than I may normally do although I admit to having a strong affinity for B&W myself.

Thanks to Jennifer (planner) and Chris (my assistant) for all your help.