EDITORIAL: Behind the Scenes - Marnie & Scott

This was a shot we had to get. It went from something we didn't even know about to top of the list from the moment these stairs were spotted just off to the side of the ceremony location.
I first noticed these stairs as we were wrapping up the formals. My assistant Chris suggested that we shoot long with the happy couple on the top landing. I thought it was a great idea and we raced against time to catch the failing afternoon light peeking through the trees in the background. At the time we first framed up the shot there was a spectacular bit of light hitting that spot but after a couple delays and a re-shoot of one of the formals, the sun had dipped slightly below where it was and the light was essentially gone. We sent Marnie and Scott up on the landing and I quickly decided to send Chris around the back of them with a light on a stand. I thought if we could hit them from behind with enough light, it would simulate the effect I hoped to get with the sun. It worked pretty well, especially on this shot of Marnie where the fringes of her hair seem to be lit by the setting sun, but in reality are being illumined by a flash held high by a quick acting assistant.