NEWS: Launched!

Today I launched the all-new Weddings by Robert website. There are still a few kinks to work out but I wanted to get it online to make sure what worked in testing and design worked live.

When you first get to the site you should see this...

This is the new portal that will take you to my new "broadband" site, the classic HTML site, better for slower connections or my Blog.

Known issues as of 7/11/07:
-The music is terrible. It's a placeholder until I get something else up. That will happen very soon.
-The music, once turned off does not come back on (probably a good thing).
-The contacts page is still a bit under construction. The links are still "place holders" for the most part. The bottom two "Sports Photography" and "Blog" link to my sports site and blog.
-The contact form seems not to work at the moment. I am addressing this and it should be up and running ASAP.

Please let me know if you have any other problems and I will make sure to get them fixed.