All things considered

I have heard all too often in the past few months that this photographer or that one over there was offering such a great package it could not be passed up. When all things are equal, money is likely to be the deciding factor, as it should be. The thing is that in wedding photography, rarely are all things equal, even if it's as simple as personality differences between photographers, or as meaningful as shooting style. For argument's sake, if you consider that the money is equal, then all of a sudden the other things are maybe not so equal any more. So my advice today is make sure, especially in this economy, that you choose your favorite photographer for all the right reasons and that you assume that price may not be as much a stumbling block as you'd think. Speaking for myself only, there has not been many brides for whom I was their #1 choice that I didn't book, either because I fit nicely into their budget as-is, or because I was able to work out something special for them that allowed them to get what they wanted for a price that worked.

Please, if you like what you see on my site, enjoy what you read on the blog, in an email I send, or hear on the phone, and are moved to add me to your list of possible wedding photographer candidates, don't let your decision rest solely on an emailed price list. And by all means don't assume that what you want is impossible. Asking will never hurt, and most of the time ends up in at least three happy people; you & your fiance because you got the photographer you wanted within budget and me for getting the opportunity to work with a couple willing to risk asking a question to get what they want.

Have a great day!