Opportunity for Stardom?

Hey! I just got a call from Jennifer with MTV Networks asking for help in casting for one of their reality series. They're looking for "about to be" or just married couples for a reality show they have. Here is the info she gave me. If you think you fit the bill, drop me a line at robert@weddingsbyrobert.com and I will pass along your info or put you in touch with Jennifer.

From MTV:

Are you and your fiancé about to begin life as a married couple? Going from engagement to the altar is an exciting journey full of challenges that test the strength of your relationship. From the bouquet toss on, MTV wants to follow your story as you and your fiance head out on the road to married life.

Do you consider yourself the next Nick & Jessica? Maybe you have a "less than traditional" romance. Have you planned a fairytale wedding to your sweetheart? Perhaps you are a traditional couple who've waited to have sex until their wedding night. Will you be moving in together for the first time after the honeymoon? Maybe you're nervous about the new challenges that come with being a newlywed. What are you looking forward to and what surprises await?