Dorothy+Chris Wedding

Dorothy and Chris are a unique, fun couple. That you can tell from their pics but what you can't tell is that Dorothy was once a "big wedding girl" and when she sat down to talk to me about photographing her wedding it was NOT going to be at the courthouse. In the end, Dorothy and Chris followed their heart, scrapped the big wedding when the planning just got to be too much and walked into the Orange County Courthouse to get married with me in tow. To date, this is my smallest wedding in terms of numbers just the three of us) but one of the biggest in terms of emotion. I have to say that it was one of the best experiences of my wedding career. The fact that it was SO intimate really enhanced the day and allowed the moments/emotions to really take center stage. After the ceremony we went out and took pictures in Winter Park. It was a great day and I think the images speak to that.